The Office of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s Projects

                            The video clips below are VDOs that demonstrate the development of children and youth model of HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn as it is being implemented in Border Patrol Police schools (BPP schools). These VDOs were created during HRH's online visit.


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (1) Introducing Ban Tilaipa BPP school


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (2) Preparing iodine drinking water, Ban Kraikrieng BPP Learning Center


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (3) Grafting lemon tree, Ban Huaikong BPP school


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (4) Grafting mango tree, Ban Huaikong BPP school


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (5) Cultivating straw mushroom in basket, Ban Prakob Aok BPP school


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (6) Breeding fish, Kantha (AOT) BPP school


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (7) Preparing fish feed, Arthornuthid BPP school


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (8) Preserving fish, Ban Kraikrieng BPP Learning Center


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (9) Repairing fan, Ban Koksalang BPP school


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (10) Making silverware, Ban Tilaipa BPP school


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (11) Extending to the community, Chutidvittaya BPP school


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (12) Conserving and carrying on local culture, Ban Tatraew BPP school


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (13) Ban Pragtakraw BPP school alumni


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (14) Ban Lepode BPP Learning Center


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (15) Conserving and carrying on local culture: Reading Pha-Ya, Ban Muangthong BPP school


                                 ข้อความอธิบายภาพ   (16) Recitation, Chutidvittaya BPP school